Robert W. Nudelman

Video Tribute by Stan Taffel and Mike Cahill shown at the June 12 "Celebration of Life"

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Hollywood Heritage board member Richard Rownak has posted photos of some of those involved with the Celebration of Life HERE

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Below are a few extracted comments from the many emails that we received shortly after the announcement of Robert's passing:

"There probably isn't a single historic building or development project in Hollywood that Mr. Nudelman didn't have a part in," Offenhauser said in a statement.
Nudelman began his activism in 1978 by fighting to save MGM's old Lot 2 in Culver City, a 10-acre site that included sets from the films "Gone With the Wind" and "King Kong."
The effort failed but Nudelman dedicated the rest of his life to the preservation of Hollywood history and landmarks -- with mixed success.
Los Angeles Times

More than the heart of Hollywood Heritage
More than a Cinecon Officer
He was a good friend....... 
 and friends are hard to make but even harder to lose.
Stan Taffel

I first met Robert Nudelman in 1988. I had a property on Hollywood Boulevard and was concerned that it would be a target for redevelopment. It was suggested that I apply with the City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission for historical monument status for my property.    Robert Nudelman volunteered to accompany me to the Cultural Heritage Commission where I could present my case. At the Commission hearings, the commissioners were sympathetic to giving landmark status to my property, but out of the blue, a deputy from then Councilman Woo’s office appeared giving arguments that my property was just another building, and THEN, I learned firsthand, the magnificence of Robert Nudelman and his encyclopedic memory and his decisive debating skills.   He countered all of the  deputy’s arguments point by point and gave reasons why landmark status should be awarded. Through Robert’s special skills, Landmark status was awarded and our Artisan’s Patio on Hollywood Blvd. is designated Historical Landmark #453.    To give Robert his due recognition, a plaque was placed on our building designating the status that  included Robert’s name, but omitted Councilman Woo’s name. He was completely selfless in his Hollywood work.    It was virtually impossible for him to take time off for strictly non-Hollywood recreational social affairs.  As for handling his own business affairs, & his own personal health, he did a  lousy job.   His interest was Hollywood FIRST.
Aaron Epstein

It's not possible, Robert was the heart and soul of Hollywood Heritage. I always thought that Robert had a secret twin. No one could do all he did in one lifetime. When people use the term irreplaceable, that was Robert.
Andrew Schwartz

 I still can’t believe he’s gone. He was the heart and soul of Hollywood Heritage. It certainly won’t be the same without him.
Sue Slutzky

I'm beyond saddened at the news of Robert's passing. Robert has been a friend of mine for 20+ years. My heart goes out to Robert's family, friends and fellow board members, I know this is a very, very hard day for all of us.
Gina Zamparelli

We are all shocked and saddened by the untimely loss of Robert Nudelman.  Robert was as loyal a friend to each of us as he was to his adopted hometown of Hollywood.  He was a giant, tireless in his protection of Hollywood's heritage.  I think we all are grasping at understanding a world without Robert's leadership, wry humor, everpresent tenacity, knowledge, and unending work for his cause.
Fran Offenhauser

For more than 30 years Robert Nudelman has been an important part of my life. I'm angry as it is totally unfair of the fates to take him from us much too soon. I can't imagine anyone with his wry/dry sense of humor, his chiding criticisms, but most of all his PASSION. Robert despite his dour, laconic facade, was the most passionate person I ever met. And his passions were many; from movies, to Hollywood history, to history, to art and music. Everything that he surrounded himself in this life was done with an absolute, all-out passion. I'm angry that I won't have that passion in my life. I miss you already."
John Clifford

This is incredible.  I know that everyone here is in shock.  The Hollywood Chamber had a Women of Distinction luncheon yesterday at the Globe Theater at Universal studios.  There were tears and accolades everywhere.  Robert is truly missed.  I have notice that a very respectful tone had developed the last year in regards to Robert and his work.  I think about his every day.
Jeffrey Rouze

For me Robert was truly a fun person to be around -- we had a lot in common when it came to movie likes and dislikes, and not just sci-fi. that impish, knowing smile of his -- and i'm sure you know what i'm talking about -- was just priceless. under that wry sidearm sense of humor was an extremely smart and dedicated guy, and despite a seeming lack of any resources at all he always seemed to be able to make things happen. in a town where historic city blocks are torn down as routinely as movie sets and where movie people are thrown away like old phones, robert was that single-minded neighborhood dog that never went away. i don't exactly know where he got the idea that this costume or this prop or this building was worthy of respect and thus worth saving, but he had it in spades.
Merl Reagle, Sunday LA Times Crossword Puzzle Author

I was, like everyone else, absolutely stunned at the loss of Bob Nudelman - - still so young and vital. He was such a solid force against the avid developers who are dead set on lining Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards with high rise anachronistic glass horrors! But he was also so kind and helpful to everyone, friend or stranger. He was always wonderful to me. It is not possible for me to be there for the Memorial, but I will certainly be present in spirit.
Diana Serra Carey (AKA "Baby Peggy" Montgomery), silent screen star and author

ROBERT NUDELMAN IS ALIVE FOR EVER! The news of the death of Robert Nudelman has left me a knot in the Throat.  I did not HAVE the pleasure to know him  PERSONALLY, but I KNOW his work, that is a value of high and noble FRUIT to the world culture of cinema.  Men as Robert Nudelman, they are born FEW times in the history of the world, and maybe, thanks to them, we HAVE the opportunity to be able to contemplate cultural Treasures of every time.  I have keeped the treasure of your book Historic Hollywood, written with Marc Wanamaker.  In this copy, I have special dedication of Mr. Robert to me. Robert is alive, walking  on the Hollywood Boulevard or Sunset between La Brea to Gower, in this particular night of fog, with the soul of thousands celebrities together. Robert Nudelman is a celebrity between celebrities because he worked for the preservation and memories of Hollywood. Robert Nudelman will be alive for ever in the buildings, in the streets, in the corners of Hollywood. And will be very easy to see him into this universe.
Rodolfo Garavagno, Trujuí, Moreno, Buenos Aires.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Farewell Robert Mr. Hollywood Nudelman - We'll MISS you!
Current mood: sad
Robert Nudelman was a good friend to Hollywood and the movies.  He was also my loyal friend, and I am shocked that we have lost him.  He will be missed.  Nobody can ever replace him.
He was the TRUE mayor of Hollywood.  I met him at Hollywood Heritage when he recruited me to make phone calls to members asking them to attend City Council meetings.  I had never done this before, when I expressed my fear that I might not be very good at it, he said "don't worry, if they get a phone call from Ann Savage - they'll be afraid NOT to go!"  He was extremely witty, and made fighting City Hall not only his life's work, but a fun event to participate in.  NOW, who the hell else can you say THAT about?  Name one other person it has EVER been said about.  That was the magic of Robert, and why it was a great pleasure and my honor to know him! 
Actress Ann Savage